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Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing Tips

Check out the most recent articles from Cooper's Inc for various heating, air conditioning and plumbing tips from our team of professional HVAC contractors and plumbers. Do you have a specific question reguarding our services? Please give us a call! We'll be happy to answer any questions you have about the work we do throughout Topeka and the surrounding areas of Kansas.

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The Importance Of Sewer And Drain Cleaning

When it comes to maintaining a functional and healthy home, many homeowners tend to focus on their HVAC systems. However, an often overlooked aspect of home maintenance is sewer and drain cleaning. In this blog, we, as HVAC contractors, will highlight the importance of regular sewer and drain cleaning and its impact on the overall well-being of… Read More

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3 Advantages Of A Spring Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Now that spring has arrived and temperatures are starting to heat up, many homeowners are finding themselves using their air conditioning more and more as time goes on. If you haven't already invested in professional HVAC maintenance this year, now is the time to do so.… Read More

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3 Reasons To Get A Heating Tune Up This Fall

Now that summer has come to an end, it means that more and more homeowners are going to be switching off their air conditioning systems in the coming weeks and turning on their heating for the next couple of months. This fall, it’s important to make sure that you aren't neglecting any areas of your home that could benefit from a bit of attention, and your heating system is chief among those… Read More

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When Should You Replace Your Water Heater?

Even if you're keeping up with the repairs and maintenance, your water heater will need to be replaced eventually. Being left without hot water for any period of time can be a huge problem, so it’s important that if your water is going to need to be replaced, you know about it beforehand … Read More

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Prevent Plumbing Problems With These Helpful Tips

At Cooper’s, Inc., our plumbers can assist you with any plumbing repairs that you may need, and we also offer a number of maintenance services to help you keep those problems from developing. Our goal is to help you keep every part of your plumbing system in great condition at all times, so we've put together a few tips to help prevent some common plumbing problems … Read More

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7 Easy Tips to Reduce Your Heating Costs

Heating your home is an absolute necessity here in Kansas, so you can’t just cut it off for a few days to help you save money. Fortunately, though, there are simple ways to make sure your home’s heating system is running efficiently so that you can significantly reduce your heating costs. Some will only take a couple minutes, and even small changes can bring you big savings … Read More

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